Research at Spintec

Launched in 2002, SPINTEC aims to be a bridge between fundamental research and pre-industrial developments in the field of spin electronics. As such, SPINTEC research activities span from the understanding of new spintronic phenomena, to the experimental proof of concept of new devices implementing these innovations, all the way to the fabrication of functional demonstrators. These activities are supported by strong partnerships with key technology contributor CEA-LETI and with valued industrial partners.

 Theory / Simulation

Magnetization dynamics simulations in spin torque oscillators (STO)
Micromagnetic simulations for spintronic devices


RF Devices

Spin Transfer-Based RF Oscillator Basics

- MTJ Materials
- Spin Pumping
- STNO Dynamics
- Impedance Matching
- White papers / Major publications


Sensors and Advanced concepts

- Transport and Noise
- Sensors
- Emerging Concepts


- Pathos
- Exchange bias for ultimate devices
- Une couche « tampon » qui change tout !
- SPINTEC co-organizes the 3rd STT-MRAM Global Innovation Forum, on 3rd April 2014 in Paris
- Spin transfer torque writing in thermally assisted magnetic memories
- Thermally assisted magnetic memories (TA-MRAM)

 Non-volatile Logic

- ERC Advanced Grant HYMAGINE

- Hybrid CMOS/magnetic logic circuits

 Health and Biology

- Nano-Shark
- Microswimmers
- Destruction of targeted cancer cells
- Des nanoparticules à l’assaut !
- Des vibrations mortelles pour les cellules cancéreuses
- 7th NaMiECeB Workshop Award

 Technical Support

- Functional Materials

 Projects Archive

- Domain wall motion in perpendicular magnetized samples
- Spin-polarised transport mechanisms at the ferromagnet/silicon interface
- Multilevel storage: a promising route for above 1Tbit/in² magnetic storage