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Positioned at the crossroads of science and technology, Spintec is one of the leading research laboratories in spintronics. From basic science to proof of concepts and technology transfer, Spintec is the ideal place to conduct R&D projects in nanomagnetism and spin-electronics. Whether a skilled individual, a corporation or a research organization, there are many opportunities for you at Spintec.

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Located in the heart of the French Alps within the MINATEC campus, Spintec bridges fundamental research and product development in the exciting field of spin electronics. As such, Spintec brings together scientists, technologists and engineers who work in close collaboration with neighbouring research laboratories and technology platforms in developing tomorrow’s new spintronics devices. A direct tramway connection links these prestigious labs and major tech companies and start-ups, only a few miles away.

This unique blend of cross-fertilizing talents enables a rapid transfer from the discovery of basic phenomena to proof of concept test chips, product demonstrators and, ultimately, technology transfer and prototyping. Spintec also attracts young talent through close ties with the local universities, Grenoble-INP and University Joseph Fourier.

Spintec is an easy place to work, within walking distance of the TGV station and historic downtown Grenoble. Grenoble is also a nice place to live with skiing, mountaineering, hiking and mountain biking all possible within less than half an hour's drive.


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SPINTEC is jointly operated by CEA, CNRS, UJF, G-INP and located in Grenoble, France. 


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